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Social Media Marketing


Why does everyone say that it is a MUST for every business?


You yourself have repeatedly visited incomplete accounts of stores and companies, and you yourself have noticed more than once that an unformed or outdated account does not inspire confidence in you and you buy goods elsewhere. Also, your potential buyers, by accessing your social profiles. networks, evaluate them.

Communication directly

Accounts should be packaged and constantly maintained, giving users the feeling of communicating with a real person, and not with a machine.

Loyalty and recognition

Companies that regularly maintain accounts in social networks and interact with users noticeably increase their average bills and get more new customers.

Profit increase


Constantly working with social networks, you will start getting more and more customers, not only recouping the cost of promotion, but also making a profit.

Можно еще много говорить о преимуществах SMM, но вы уже понимаете, что это настоящая НЕОБХОДИМОСТЬ!

What will you get by working with ROIcket Digital?

Auditing your social networks

Analysis of the main competitors

Development of profile style according to your wishes or brand book

Full design of the profile header (in the case of instagram with the development of covers and general information for relevant ones)

Development of a strategy for filling and maintaining an account

Development of monthly/weekly content plans

Design of banners and covers

Monthly reporting with findings and recommendations

Unlike our competitors:


we focus on goals and sales, not likes (although they are also important) and make the approach to each client unique.


we are constantly improving our knowledge and quality of work

What is included in SMM services?

Auditing your social networks


Analysis of the main competitors


regular interaction with the target audience


analysis of the industry and the market as a whole


the ability to set marketing goals in social networks

Shall we work on the problem together?

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