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Did you know that companies that do not have a website lose up to 80% of potential customers?

Stop giving profits to competitors, start website development now

How the site will help your business:

Allows you to bring clients with SEO

Advertising will give you "hot" users here and now

The site will bring trust and loyalty to the audience

It is easier for the client to get acquainted with your services or goods in advance

And much more…..

Website development process


Competitor analysis

We identify the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, strengthening your strengths


Selection of references

Based on the analysis, we select elements to fill the graphic design of the site. Finding the right visual direction


Structure or warframe

We will draw up a layout of all elements, as well as write all kinds of scenarios (results of button clicks, page scrolling, form submissions, and so on)



After agreeing on the warframe, we will develop a design, show how the future site will look like and make a dynamic layout


Layout and programming

At this stage, we implement the structure and layout, set up the admin panel and make changes as you wish.



Before submitting the finished site, our testers will check it for errors and fix them

Мы делаем сайты на таких платформах как

Why WIX is the best solution?

✔ Ability to separately configure different

site versions by device type.

✔ A rich base of widgets and blocks from which the site interface is built.

✔ Built-in app store to expand the basic functionality of the site.

✔ Powerful SEO site optimization block.

✔ Automatic caching technology to speed up page loading.

✔ Ability to create multilingual sites.

✔ Ability to easily implement marketing tools and end-to-end analytics

And most importantly - WIX is a whole ecosystem of various services and applications!

Do you want to cooperate with us?


Corporate website business card

A small site consisting of one or more pages that contains basic information about the company

from 500 $


A site that contains product cards with information, but without the ability to place orders and add to the cart

from 800 $


A site that has not only a full-fledged catalog, but also with the ability to place an order and pay online

from 1.500 $

Landing Page

A one-pager aimed at enhancing the sale of one product or service

from 600 $

Shall we work on the problem together?

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